The New Nintendo Switch Will Reportedly Come With A New Nvidia Chip

The New Nintendo Switch Will Reportedly Come With A New Nvidia Chip

Nintendo is planning a new Nvidia system-on-chip with support for DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling) for its next Switch console, according to Bloomberg. The chip will reportedly bring improvements to the consoles GPU and CPU performance.


DLSS will also serve as Nintendo’s solution for displaying higher resolution images on 4K TVs. Nvidia first introduced DLSS with its RTX 20-series GPUs, based on the Turing architecture. The GPU uses neural networks to reconstruct game images in real-time at a higher quality.

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Its other versions relied on the GPU’s tensor cores and training the AI on specific games. However, with this version, you can render a game at a lower traditional resolution and still get higher output with a minimal performance penalty. This solves a huge problem for the Nintendo Switch.


The Switch often struggles to achieve its own native resolutions of 720p in handheld mode or 1080p on a TV screen. Also, the original Nintendo Switch used a Tegra X1, which was announced in 2015 before Nvidia stopped producing general-purpose mobile SoCs, adding to the reasons the new Switch requires a new chip from Nvidia.


This gives the game’s enthusiast more to look forward to. If you add that to Bloomberg’s recent report that the new Switch console will have a 7-inch OLED screen, that’s exciting. The report also says the device is planned for the holiday season this year.



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