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Ten Questions That Help You Know Yourself Better

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How much do you think you know yourself? Probably not as much, and that’s fine. We learn new things about ourselves every day, and this makes life more adventurous. There are certainly some things like touching fire as a child even if you’re warned several times, to make you know you don’t like pain. That’s normal.



However, rather than the common knowledge of your likes and dislikes, how well do you know your personality?


You may register yourself as an introvert or extrovert, a pessimist or optimist, but is that all there is? What’s your stress level? What kind of coffee drinker are you? Are you a nurturer or a practical thinker?


There’s a lot more to you than the overall summary of your personality trait. Find out more about yourself by answering these ten questions in the video below.


Ten questions that help you know yourself better



  • What’s the first thing you see in this picture? 1:05
  • What’s the first thing you see in this image? 2:16
  • Take a look at this picture: who would you help first? 3:10
  • Choose the odd figure among these three. 4:32
  • Which door will you choose to survive? 5:04
  • Which coffee are you? 5:44
  • Imagine you’re scuba diving and suddenly see a mermaid. What colour is her tail? 7:12
  • While you’re diving, you also notice a fish. What does it look like? 7:52
  • You suddenly spot a beautiful shell lying on the seabed. What does it look like? 8:34
  • You reach the shore and look around on the beach. Are there any people there? 9:16


Source: The Bright Side

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