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Discover What Your Sleeping Position Reveals About Your Personality

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If you’ve met anyone who seems to know more about you than they should, then be careful. They probably observe your sleeping position to determine your personality. Whilst there are other less creepy ways to know someone, your sleeping position can reveal more about you than you think. Now, if you wake up in the middle of the night to find eyes gawking at you, run! That’s not the best way to examine a sleeping position. One can simply ask. If you still aren’t sure of what to call yours, check the pictures below to find out.




Discover what your sleeping position reveals about your personality

1. Sleeping on your back

Lying on your back is usually the one position that sometimes causes sleep paralysis. Not to scare you, it’s actually a good position. However, No more than eight per cent of people sleeps this way. Another name for it is ‘the soldier position’. This is because you lie on your back with your arms by your side. Sleeping this way reveals you’re quiet, reserved and have strict moral codes. You don’t talk much about yourself to t others. Also, you have a strong personality and are loyal and protective of your family and loved ones.


2. Sleeping on your side, knees bent

If sleeping is only easier for you when in this position, that’s fine. You’re reliable. You’re very calm about life and find it very hard to get offended by anyone or anything.


3. Foetus position

The foetus position is the most common one there is. As seen in the picture, one can liken it to a baby in the womb which is where the name is derived from. Also, women favour this position more than men. Meanwhile, there are several variants of personalities for this one. Those who sleep this way appear hard on the outside but are actually soft on the inside. When curled up, it means you’re actually sensitive and emotional. You feel a need to be protected, understood and sympathised with. Also, you appear shy but, when you feel relaxed, you can be outgoing. However, your first instinct is to cut yourself from the world because of your fear of being hurt. The perfect outlet for you would be anything creative like dancing, writing or painting.


4. Starfish or sleeping on your stomach

If you sleep lying on your stomach with your arms and legs sticking out, then you’re a starfish sleeper. Another term to describe it is “spread-eagle”. In this position, you take the personality of a leader. Five per cent of people prefers this position. They look comfortable and carefree in this manner. To describe their personality, being helpful of others comes to play. They are good listeners and friends who are impulsive and like to take the initiative. Also, you are responsible and have the ability to persevere. However, you sometimes like to be the centre of attention, and you hate surprises.


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