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Starlink monthly internet price could become cheaper in Nigeria

Starlink monthly internet price could become cheaper in Nigeria, see why.

Starlink is sending notifications to many customers worldwide that their monthly internet subscription prices are been slashed due to local market conditions.

“The price reduction factors in your local market conditions and is meant to reflect parity in purchasing power across our customers,” the company said in the announcement.

The good news could reach Starlink internet users in Nigeria, if there are any. According to The Verge writer, Thomas Ricker, his monthly subscription cost reduced to €105 from its former €124. And he is not alone.

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One person on Reddit (living in the UK) revealed that their monthly fee went from £89 to £75 and perhaps, the most generous is a person in Mexico, whose sub cost reduced by more than 50% (from $2,299 MXN to $1,100 MXN).

Additionally, there were reports from people in South America, showing that the price reduction was not limited to parts of Europe and North America. As for the US, the pricing appears to have remained fixed.

Starlink price slash comes months after it hiked up the monthly sub in March 2022 as well as the starter kit. The hike was outrageous and got many people angry because it affected those who have already put down a deposit.

Towards the end of July, a source claimed that the internet provider was cutting the price of its startup kit for Nigerians by almost $100 to make it more affordable. No doubt, the Starlink monthly subscription slash would also be available to users in Nigeria.

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