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Tech layoffs: SoundCloud is firing 20% of its employees

SoundCloud is firing 20% of its employees

SoundCloud is the latest tech company to announce layoffs due to economic challenges and it is going as far as shedding 20% of its workforce burden.

US and UK employees of the music distribution and sharing platform will be affected. However, the decision seems to have been reached without a sit-down with the HR as some companies chose.

TikTok, for example, had invited all those impacted by its latest layoff to defend their role in the company. While it may not have done much to save their jobs, it at least gave them clarity on why their role was scrapped.

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Instead, SoundCloud CEO Michael Weissman sent out an email informing employees of the impending layoffs and told then that affected staff will be notified.

“For those impacted by this decision, I want to thank you personally for your passion and contributions to SoundCloud and the artist communities we serve. You have all made an incredible impact on the music industry and on artists’ lives,” Weissman wrote in a LinkedIn post.

In a statement to TechCrunch, the company blamed the mass layoffs on ‘the challenging economic and financial environment.’ It also claimed that it was undergoing a ‘significant’ transformation, which could mean that some roles might be eradicated completely, as opposed to being merged.

“During this difficult time, we are focused on providing the support and resources to those transitioning while reinforcing our commitment to executing our mission to lead what’s next in music,” the company added.

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