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Twitter Location Spotlight comes to all users

All businesses can now display location and contact on their Twitter profiles

Twitter has now made the option to display location address, contact and other details available to businesses worldwide. Before now, the feature was limited to businesses in the US, UK, Canada and Australia.

“Location Spotlight allows professionals with physical business locations to display their business address, hours of operation and additional contact information so that customers can reach them via phone, text, email or Twitter Direct Message,” Twitter explains in a statement announcing the global release.

The tool is part of the several free products that the social media platform is providing for business owners. In addition to the global availability, the Location Spotlight now allows users to add a map to their location which customers can use to get navigation directions.

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Twitter also plans to to release other business-focused products like:

  • Professional Home, which lets users track performance, find product offerings, explore additional resources and improve performance.
  • More Profile Spotlights, which allows business owners use more actionable buttons.
  • “Taking Care of Business” Workshop Series, a monthly live online workshop series by its Twitter Flight School that will help business owners understand how to leverage the platform’s tools better.
  • #TweetLikeAPro On-Demand Courses on Twitter Flight School, series of courses that teach professionals how to drive customers to make purchase aimed at helping small to medium businesses.

To enjoy the best of Twitter as a business owner, convert to a Twitter Professional Account. As soon as the free tools become available, professionals can start using them.

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