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TikTok restructuring with global layoffs

TikTok restructuring means that several of its employees will lose their jobs in expected global layoffs. Several employees confirmed the news to WIRED long before the company released a controlled statement to address the news.

Its spokesperson Ama Sopel said: “There are a small number of roles within the operations and marketing teams that shifted in focus, that can’t be called a ‘company-wide restructure.”

If you work for TikTok, you may be out of a job by the end of July 2022. It is unclear why the company is undergoing such a makeover, but several suggestions exist.

For one, the company is not yet out of the woods, with its users’ data handling coming under scrutiny every new moon. Thus, it could be trying to refit roles that would align with its goal of global acceptance in all sections.

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Another reason could be that with mounting competition in the short video market, it could be preparing for a new venture. Already, we reported that TikTok would be bringing longer videos to ensure that it attracts more advertisers for financial sustainability.

Although, we could also go with its statement that it was just a matter of ‘shifting focus.’ However, if there is anything that we have learned about the tech industry, it is that there is always more to actions than there appears to be.

TikTok is not yet in financial jeopardy; that much is evident with its over 1 billion monthly active users. Yet, it could also be taking the same steps that we have seen others like Apple, Meta, Microsoft, and Tesla take in anticipation of an economic downturn.

One employee believed that the criteria for letting people go in this era was if the company saw you as redundant, which is likely why you were first invited to sit down with the human resources department.

So far, the most notable layoff has been that of David Ortiz, a former Snap executive who joined TikTok very early during its global emergence. Ortiz’s LinkedIn statement seems to support the sentiment of the employee mentioned above, as he said he was leaving because his role was being eliminated.

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