You are currently viewing “Soapy Is The New National Pledge” – Naira Marley Brags On Twitter

“Soapy Is The New National Pledge” – Naira Marley Brags On Twitter

Popular Nigerian musician Naira Marley has bragged that his song, “Soapy”, is the new national pledge. The artist made this assertion as his fans ran over each other in an attempt to touch him at an event he performed at.


He was performing at the event when the smash hit, “Soapy”, came on. Fans, known as ‘Marlians’, started pulling at the rapper who was trying to entertain them. However, these fans had to be restrained by bouncers and guards.


Watch the video, which comes ahead of his upcoming “Marlian Fest”, below:


"Soapy Is The New National Pledge"- Naira Marley Brags On Twitter


Naira Marley is one artist that always trends on Twitter because of his controversial tweets.


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A week ago, he made the term, “Illuminati”, trend on Twitter. Twitter users were initially confused as to why the hashtag was trending. This is because “Illuminati” is a dreaded community that allegedly gives celebrities global recognition in exchange for their soul.


Naira Marley is preparing for his shows holding in December 2019 and February 2020. The first show tagged ”Marlian Fest” will take place on 30th December 2019.


While the London concert will be on 2nd February 2019. Apparently, he posted a video of his song with Zlatan Ibile titled “Illuminati”, and it became a trend on Twitter.


His hit single, “Soapy”, is appreciated by his fans, the infamous “Marlians”. They are always quick to defend the artist in public and use his hashtag on social media.


Although the song was criticised by celebrity dancer Kaffy, it is still being accepted by a number of Nigerians who see the artist as a superstar.


Are you a Naira Marley fan? Do you agree that “Soapy” is the new national pledge?


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