Snapchat Buys 3D Design Company Vertebrae For Augmented Reality

Snapchat Buys 3D Design Company Vertebrae For Augmented Reality

Snapchat Parent company has bought 3D design company Vertebrae to aid its Augmented reality shopping ambition.

Vertebrate lets companies and brands create 3D versions of their goods, and Snapchat wants to leverage that technology.

Snapchat boosts Augmented Reality try-on tools

The company plans to use Vertebrate’s technology on its mobile app for shopping.

Snapchat currently has a collaboration with fashion powerhouse Gucci which allows people to try on limited edition sneakers virtually. It’s easier and faster to get results, and customers are very likely to buy after trying items in 3D.

The Vertebrae team will function as they were. Its CEO Vince Cacace said in an exclusive statement to The Verge.

Gucci | Snapchat Augmented reality shopping

“We’re thrilled to join Snap, where we will strengthen and scale our world-class 3D asset platform for retailers and brands,”

“The future of AR commerce is bright, and we’ll continue to make it easy for our partners to create, manage, and deploy AR experiences across all customer touch points.”

Snapchat is moving fast to be at the forefront of Augmented reality shopping. It recently purchased WaveOptics for $500 million which makes Augmented reality in its Spectacles smart glasses. The social media company also bought Fit Analytics for $124 million. A cloth fitting technology company to boost its fashion shopping business.

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Other brands and businesses soon will be able to upload the Augmented reality versions of their product on Snapchat popular customer base. Customers can try out these products, resize and buy without leaving their houses.

Snapchat has been on the news lately for removing its controversial speed filter, after various threat intelligence from reckless driving and overspeeding.

Filter snap
Filter snap


This filter was released eight years ago, it lets you take a photo or video while driving with a readout of the speed you are moving.

Some weeks ago, Snapchat confirmed that it has agreed to remove the filter from the app because these days it is “barely used by Snapchatters”

The company has started taking down the filter since last week, as reported by Digitaltrends. But It could take weeks before it is finally removed from all its 500 million active monthly users.

Snapchat is coming for your money, and it could be the next place you try out Augmented reality shopping asides from Facebook.


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