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Snapchat Removes One Of Its Controversial Filters After Intelligence Threat

Snapchat has started removing its controversial speed filter, after various threat intelligence from reckless driving and overspeeding.

Filter snap
Filter snap


This filter was released eight years ago, it lets you take a photo or video while driving with a readout of the speed you are moving.

A lot of users have abused this filter by driving at over-the-limit speeds, as they show off the filters to their friends.

Last week, Snapchat confirmed that it has agreed to remove the filter from the app because these days it is “barely used by Snapchatters”

The company has started taking down the filter since last week, as reported by Digitaltrends. But It could take weeks before it is finally removed from all its 500 million active monthly users.



The continued use of the app backed by the threat intelligence gathered over the years has kept a lot of pressure on Snapchat to retire the filter.

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In 2016, Atlanta to be precise, an 18-year-old woman driving at 107 mph drove into an Uber driver. This caused serious brain injuries to the driver.

Another threat intelligence gathered was in 2015; a car accident in Philadelphia was linked to the controversial speed filter. Three women died as a result. In 2016 five more people died.

Snap Logo


In Wisconsin in 2017, 3 men died in a crash that recorded a 123 mph snap captured by one of the casualties. All of these accidents have resulted in Lawsuits against Snapchat.

All of this intelligence posed a serious threat, Snapchat had to make changes to the filter. The company added a “Please, DO NOT Snap and drive” while it is used.

The controversial Speed Filter
The controversial Speed Filter


According to NPR, Snapchat also “quietly capped the top speed for which a post could be shared” at 35 mph. Have you ever used this filter? Is it still on your app? Let us know in the comments section.



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