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Since You Can’t Eat Out, Google Is Letting You Use Takeout Or Delivery Options

Google has now slightly tweaked its Maps app to highlight restaurants offering takeout and delivery services as millions stay at home to limit the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.


This update features shortcuts on the Maps app home screen which on tapping will reveal relevant restaurants close to your location.


The restaurants will include both local restaurants as well as chains. If the restaurants support Google’s functionality, you’ll also be able to order food from within the Maps app.


In March 2020, Google added a feature to allow users who are searching for medical facilities to call ahead if they think they are infected with coronavirus. This is instead of showing up in person with the risk of spreading the virus to others. It also included a link to a Google search on the app’s front page with more information about the virus.

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The takeout and delivery shortcuts will be available in both the Android and iOS versions of the Maps app. It is already available in the Netherlands and the UK. Meanwhile, 9to5Google reports that the options are also available in the US and France.


The new Google Takeout and Delivery shortcuts are to function like other shortcuts on Maps for restaurants, gas stations, coffee shops, and other locations.


The takeout and delivery options have been in Maps for a while. However, Google is just now pushing them to the forefront due to social distancing and millions staying at home and needing essential services like food delivery.


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