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Microsoft’s Skype Announces The Meet Now Feature To Compete With Zoom

Microsoft re-announces the Meet Now feature for Skype that allows people to make video call meetings without going through rigorous login processes as Zoom offers.


With many employees working from home because of the coronavirus, it is expected that online activity will surge. This has been the case as video conferencing tools have witnessed higher demand than ever before.


Yet, this traffic is not uniform. While Skype has no doubt seen increment, it cannot stand but envy Zoom’s staggering numbers. In March 2020, Zoom reported that its number of daily users had risen to 200 million. When compared to Skype’s 70% increment to 40 million, we see the large divide.


Thus, Skype initially announced the feature in December but touts it again via its Twitter page. It said:


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This feature also gives Skype an edge over Zoom. It doesn’t require the host to set up an account or download a client. Users can just create a link with a click and send it to participants via email to chat in either Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome.


Basically, Skype Meet Now lets you generate a meeting URL that you can send to participants.


Since 2011 when Microsoft bought Skype, the company had been seen as never actually reaching its potential. Many say it is because Microsoft focuses more on its Microsoft Teams when it comes to video conferencing.


However, whatever the reason, it seems like this is the right time for Skype to launch a major offensive for the virtual meeting market. Zoom which has been experiencing a good run is under some privacy scrutiny.


Its CEO, Yuan, recently issued a public apology and promised to fix the issues in the nearest future. Zoom is not Skype’s only competitor as Google Hangouts software is also in the running.


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