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Sharon Ooja Opens Up On Battling Imposter Syndrome In Nollywood

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Nollywood actress Sharon Ooja has opened up on her battle with Imposter syndrome when she joined Nollywood.

The Benue-state born actress made the revelation in the latest episode of Inkblot Meet & Greet podcast with co-founders Naz Onuzo, Zulumoke Oyibo, and Damola Ademola. She explained that her accidental entry into Nollywood made her second-guess her abilities for years.

Sharon Ooja Opens Up On How She Battled Imposter Syndrome In Nollywood

“My acting journey started with a bit of imposter syndrome. When you are not sure of what you are doing somewhere and you feel like you are not supposed to be there, it is harder to give it your best. I feel like every actor goes through it,” Ooja shared

“When I started Skinny Girls In Transit, I was not sure what was expected from me as an actor. If you watched the first season, you could tell that I was struggling. I would go on set and open my script for the first time on set because I was not an actor.”

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“Over time, it became my passion. I did not only just see it as an outlet, it became something I really love. So the actor I was back then and now are two different people. Now I even consider myself to be a fanatic.”


The actress further shared how it took getting the lead role in the EbonyLife and Netflix produced “Oloture” and Inkblot’s “Who’s The Boss” to get over her imposter syndrome struggle.


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