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Samsung Announces Its Very First HDR10+ Gaming Display Products

South Korean manufacturer Samsung has announced its very first products that will support HDR10+ gaming as standard. Its new 2022 line of QLED TVs and gaming monitors will be the first to support the higher HDR 10 feature.

So what exactly is HDR 10+? Its a higher visual metadata of the standard High Dynamic Range HDR. That means it offers 4 times more peak brightness, has auto low latency mode for gaming visuals and variable refresh rate.

The games that will support Samsung’s HDR 10+ includes Pinball FX, and Redout 2 from Saber Interactive. Also, Happy Trails and Kidnapped Princess titles from Game Mechanics Studios will be debuting on these new Displays.

Elsewhere, Samsung has begun to mass-produce its in-house 90Hz OLED laptop screen for other Ordinary equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Prices of OLED have fallen drastically due to the high adoption of manufacturers in their laptop screens.

The once expensive and reserved screens for premium and costly laptops are now coming to mid-range and budget laptops.

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OLED screens are gaining popularity among the creative industry and beyond.  These screens ensure deeper blacks and colour contrasts for editing and content consumption.

Samsung Display the production company announced it was going to mass-produce OLED screens early this year in January. The company mentioned that “OLED panels can best satisfy the diverse consumer needs for laptops used in telework, online education, video streaming, and gaming,” in a statement.

Other benefits of the 90Hz OLED screen are more lifelike and snappier movements from a colour perspective. Samsung Display is a global leader in the display panel market with OLED and LCD technologies and products.

In order to utilize this new display output, your PC needs to have a Nvidia graphic cards from the RTX 30 series, 20 series or 16 series. Then the gaming titles need to support HDR 10+ simultaneously for this next gen gaming.


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