You are currently viewing Zoom Arrives For Amazon Omini TVs Connecting Families For The Holiday

Zoom Arrives For Amazon Omini TVs Connecting Families For The Holiday

Zoom is bringing its video conferencing app to the newest Amazon TVs, Amazon will be rolling out the app just before Christmas and the New Year. Well you need to plug in a 720p or 1080p resolution USB webcam inorder to use the app.

The E-commerce in its blogpost made some specific mentions like the Logitech C920, C922X, and C310 webcams. The Zoom app isn’t compatible with speakers as it would use the TVs microphone and speakers.

Things get buttrely smooth, as the app can be opened by saying “Alexia find Zoom”. Amazon already has Zoom in its second generation Fire TV Cube, here’s a quick rundown of its newest TVs.

The 4-Series TVs are a budget lineup with the picture in picture mode for checking smart home cameras. They easily pair with Amazon’s own Ring doorbell technology. Its highest specification, the 55-inch costs $520 while its lowest the 43-inch costs $370.

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Unlike the 4-series TV, the Fire Omini TVs are the premium lineup of these new TVs. They are equipped with hands-free control and far superior image quality. Instead of using remotes for its virtual assistants, this TV relies on its far-field microphones.

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The Fire Omini most expensive model the 75-inch costs $1,100 and its cheapest model, the 43-inch model costs just $410. Sadly, despite their pricey tags, they don’t support the latest HDMI 2.1 features like 4k resolution at 120Hz.

Both the 4-series and Omini series TV has a High Dynamic Range (HDR) in the form of HDR10. However, only the 65 and 75 inches of the Omini series ship with Dolby Vision; Netflix’s most popular HDR.

Amazon is selling convenience with the Fire Omini series TV. Alexa voice control works for these even when the TV is turned off; now that’s worth the price tag. The TV’s Alexa option has other support like increasing/decreasing volume, adjusting brightness etc.

Having a dedicated Zoom app beats the hassle of connecting your PC with dangling HDMI cables, webcams and even the power cable. Its now a seamless experience for Fire TV Omni Series.



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