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Gaming Throne: LG Announces A Curved OLED Chair Ahead Of CES 2022

LG Electronics has announced a curved OLED chair which we like to call the “gaming throne” ahead of CES next year. Although this gadget is still a concept, there are plans to make an actual product soon.

So what makes up this chair? There’s a large 55-inch OLED screen and a reclining seat that has an almost 360 degree angle. The TV has a 1500R curve, which can rotate between landscape and portrait modes with a pressof a button. This concept is known as the “Midea Chair.”It also make vibrtions with multiple speakers around the chair for an immersive sound.

There’s also an LG Display Cinematic Sound OLED tech that vibrates the screen to produce filling audio. The company will be releasing further details about this chair in CES 2022.

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Ahead of the tech event, LG Electronics also announced its first gaming laptop, with an RTX 3080 graphics card and an 11th generation Intel chip. The “17G90Q” laptop is a 17-inch laptop with configurations up to 32GB OF RAM and a terabyte of internal storage.

This is LG’s first attempt at a gaming laptop, and it has nailed it almost perfectly. The UltraGear 17 has the fastest Nvidia graphics card offerings for a laptop. Other specifications include a 1080p IPS screen with a 300Hz refresh rate. There’s also a RGB keyboard with 93Wh battery.

There is no pricing for LG’s first gaming laptop yet, but its first batches will be selling first in South Korea and in the United States in 2022. Alonside the Midea Chair, LG would be showing off its “virtual ride” concept during the January 4 CES event 2022.



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