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PS5 Goes Out Of Stock A Day After Launch, See Where You Can Buy

Recall that Sony had announced that it will not be holding in-store sales on 12th November 2020 wwhen it launched the PS5. People who failed to pre-order did not get the console on launch day but a day after this, buying the PS5 is still ‘mission impossible’.


Techradar described the hassle in the following statement; “Trying to buy the PS5 today, the day after the console went on sale in some regions, has become like a tedious video game challenge.”


Depending on your location, there are some stores that will be receiving a restock of the new PS5. According to an article on how to buy PS5, we found that the following stores will be selling the console:

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Amazon (includes PS5 Digital Edition)

Best Buy (includes PS5 Digital Edition)

Walmart (includes PS5 Digital Edition)


Target (includes PS5 Digital Edition)

GameStop (includes PS5 Digital Edition)

B&H Photo (includes PS5 Digital Edition)

Newegg (includes PS5 Digital Edition)


Sam’s Club (includes PS5 Digital Edition)

Sony (includes PS5 Digital Edition)


Some of the stores above are still awaiting stock while others previously had the console but have sold out. Amazon and Best Buy also sell PS5 gadgets that allows you get a maximum gaming experience. The stores above are for buyers in the US.


Canadians can buy the PS5 console at Best Buy, EBGames, Amazon, and Walmart. Meanwhile, Amazon AU, The Gamesmen, EB Games, JB Hi-Fi, and Sony Online. At this time, the PS5 console costs  $499 (£449 / AU$749.95) while its digital version costs $399.99 (£359.99 / AU$599.95).


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