Why The Nintendo Switch Is The Best Selling Game For 23 Months

Game consoles have made a lot of sales this year, especially as the COVID-19 shelter in place orders left people locked up in the house, however, the Nintendo Switch sold the most. The gaming tablet has been the bestselling console in the US for 23 straight months according to data from the NPD Group.


The Nintendo Switch has sold 22.5 million units in the US. The company also recently revealed that it has sold over 68 million units globally. In October 2020, Nintendo shipped 735,926 units of both the Switch and Switch Lite in the US. The numbers represent a 136 per cent increase compared to 2019.


The company is predictably excited by its achievement, and the mood is reflected by Nick Chavez, Nintendo of America’s SVP of sales and marketing. “We’re excited about our momentum,” Chavez says. According to Chavez, two main factors are responsible for the run. One is the demand vis a vis the pandemic, “Certainly the covid pandemic has created more opportunities to stay at home, more playtime at home. We’ve seen unprecedented demand for Nintendo Switch throughout the course of the year,” he said.

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The SVP says a new demographic showed increased interest in the console; women, and families. “This year a lot of our growth has been driven by an influx of women playing Nintendo Switch, more kids and teenagers playing Nintendo Switch, as well as parents,” Chavez said.


Chavez gives the second reason as the success of its latest title, Animal Crossing: New Horizons. “That came back into the marketplace around October 4th, and many people were excited to get their hands on that as quickly as possible. And we’re going to continue to have that in ample supply throughout this holiday and into 2021,” he said.


According to the SVP, the launch of the new PlayStation and Xbox consoles Nintendo doesn’t bother the company. “It’s great to see the PS5 and the Xbox Series S and X coming into the marketplace. But we do think that the Nintendo Switch occupies a fundamentally different position, and really has a unique proposition for shoppers and players,” Chavez said.


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