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Proposal Gone Wrong: Who’s At Fault In This Viral Video?

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A viral video of a man proposing to his girlfriend during a church wedding went viral. In the video, the new couple were taking their vows when a man went down on one knee and proposed to his girlfriend.


At first, the lady looked shocked at what was happening when another lady standing attempted stopping the man. She was heard saying, “You don’t do that.”


Immediately, the pastor walked up to the young man, addressing himself as the lady’s father. We are not sure if he meant he is her biological or spiritual father. He, however, stated that he is not aware of the relationship and, as such, the proposal cannot go on.


See the video below:


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Prior to this viral video, we have seen proposal videos of ladies getting engaged in shopping malls and restaurants.


Last month, we reported the story of the KFC proposal which went viral. A lady who caught the action on camera took to Twitter to make a mockery of the man, Mkansi, who she believed should have proposed at a place better than KFC.


However, KFC offered to sponsor the wedding, making the couple instant celebrities.


This video has so far elicited diverse reactions from social media users. While some believe that the young man went too far with his proposal in the church, others felt the pastor’s reaction was embarrassing.


What is your take on this proposal went wrong? would you like a public proposal, or would prefer a one on one conversation with your man?


Is it right to use someone’s wedding as an avenue to make your intentions known to the woman of your dreams?


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