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Tips For Planning The Perfect Marriage Proposal

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First of all, congratulations! You’ve found ‘the one’ and are ready to commit to that person. Now, you can’t afford to mess up this proposal, right? Saying those four words, “Will you marry me?” is no piece of cake. Don’t worry, we’ve got you.

Making a marriage proposal is hopefully going to happen only once in your lifetime. You need to make it extra special, from the location to the ring and the bride-to-be. You need to be sure you’re on the same page before you proceed. Once you’re sure she’s the one, you can get ready to go on your knees to pop the BIG QUESTION! You’ve most likely been together for long enough to know the things she likes.

Before you pop the big question, here are 10 ways you can plan the perfect marriage proposal.

surprise proposal

1. Get her parents’ approval

Tell her parents about your intentions. You don’t want to start off a marriage relationship when her parents don’t approve.

2. Get the ring

There are several ways you can get her ring size and find out what types of rings she likes. You could visit a jeweller, get information from her closest friend or sibling, or casually take her ring shopping. Then proceed to buy the ring.

3. Rehearse beforehand

You wouldn’t want to appear before her blabbing about how you appreciate her fat and fart. Sometimes you need to go with the flow, but taking notes wouldn’t hurt. Also, ensure that your proposal is unique to your relationship. It should be sentimental and well thought out.

4. Treat her to a fresh manicure

No one wants to get a ring while wearing chipped nail polish.

5. Get the perfect location

This depends on what she likes. If she likes public or private places, fix a proposal location with that thought in mind.

6. Tell the right backstory

Every perfect proposal needs some sort of backstory to seal the perfect memory. This is the perfect time to express yourself and how you feel being with her. You could mention how you first met or what made you realise that she was the one for you.

7. Get a professional photographer to capture the moment

Whether you’re private people or not, you need the moment documented for yourselves. Find someone to document the moment for you. Make sure they stay hidden though. We wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise. You could also set up a tripod stand by yourself if it’s a private, intimate moment for you two.

8. Incorporate music

Serenade the moment with classical music – or whatever her taste is. If you have songs together that you both love, then that’s a win for you.

9. Pop the question

The decision of whether to kneel or not is totally up to you. After telling your backstory and popping the question, give her time to savour the moment. This might mean that you’d have to kneel for a while to get your ‘Yes’ though, so go prepared.

10. Celebrate together!!!

If she says yes, which we hope she does, ensure that there’s something in your plan for you to celebrate afterwards. It could be anything from a bottle of wine to a surprise engagement party.

In the end, there’s one thing to always keep in mind. Jennifer Spector of Zola’s Newlywed-at-Large says:

“The best advice is to keep your future fiancé in mind. Instead of stressing over small details, think about what is actually true to you as a couple. Does this person love or hate surprises? Do you have a special first date spot or anniversary tradition that is really special? The rest will all fall into place!”

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