You are currently viewing Another Google Pixel 6 bug! This one declines calls without the phone ringing

Another Google Pixel 6 bug! This one declines calls without the phone ringing

A new Google Pixel 6 bug being reported is that the smartphone declines some calls without the phone even ringing at all –some netizens have joked that this should be a feature instead.

There seems to be just no respite for Google Pixel 6 users. With all the bugs and fixes the device has undergone since its October 2021 release, it is all that the manufacturers can do besides recalling all of it.

Phone Arena broke the news that the phone has a bug that declines calls without the user even knowing. It compiled reports from a Reddit thread where both Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro users were complaining.

The phone gives no “missed call” notification as well, and affected users only find out when their contacts tell them they tried ringing them.

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Although some users thought that the issue was with the notorious DND (Do Not Disturb) feature, others confirm that it happens even when they have this feature turned off.

Google is yet to confirm that this is an issue, which likely means that there is no fix yet on the horizon for affected users. Pixel 6 phones have had bugs such as delayed updates, Wi-Fi signal connection, touch-input freezing, lost signal, slow fingerprint reading, screen flicker, wireless charging, and more.

Most of these have been fixed through its monthly software update, and likely, this one that declines calls too would be solved soon.

On a funny note, techies with a certain level of social anxiety think that this should be seen as a feature because they don’t want anyone calling them.

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