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Reddit users get improved search feature with comment searching function

Talk about giving users what they want: Reddit is rolling out a new comment search feature that improves searching experience. The update came after a 2021 survey showed that this was the feature that most users wanted.

In a testing period, the social media company said that 26,000 users made use of the feature to sort through 5 billion comments.

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Before now, you had to manually scroll through replies to posts to find what you wanted and this gets very tedious on viral posts. If you are using Reddit’s web version, you can start using the comment search feature already. However, app users will have to wait a little longer for the company to roll it out.

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This is not all the update that is coming to Reddit this April. The algorithm will be promoting more relevant results in its search instead of just bring results with the phrases searched. This will broaden your search and make it more likely to find what you are looking for.

These updates are part of Reddit’s attempt to allow users come across more posts than the usual subreddits.

In January 2022, it had launched a discovery tab on its mobile app that replaced the Communities / Subscriptions tab in both iOS and Android as the second icon on the bottom. The feature is like the Instagram explore page and it curates pictures, GIFs, and videos in a grid format.

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