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Not Over Yet: Blue Origin Sues NASA Over Moon Lunar Lander Program

Jeff Bezo’s Blue Origin continues its fight by suing NASA over its Lunar Lander program. This is after the GAO (Government Accountability Office) denied its appeal to NASA’s lunar lander program.

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The company has taken its fight to federal court. Eventually slowing down SpaceX’s contract and the NASA program timeframe.  Blue Origin has officially filed a complaint with the US Court of Federal Claims last week.

Earlier, the Jeff Bezos space company appealed to NASA for picking Elon Musk’s SpaceX as the sole contractor for the program. This decision by the GAO maintains SpaceX as the solar contractor to NASA’s human landing program.

Blue Origin new compliant refuses the “NASA’s unlawful and improper evaluation of proposals” for its Moon program. Said the company’s lawyers in a filing.

NASA Human Landing Program

The GAO verdict clearly stated that NASA “reserved the right to make multiple awards, a single award, or no award at all.”

Blue Origin rebuffed in its appeal of moon lander contract

Earlier a spokesperson from the company said in a statement.


“We stand firm in our belief that there were fundamental issues with NASA’s decision, but the GAO wasn’t able to address them due to their limited jurisdiction.”

“We’ll continue to advocate for two immediate providers as we believe it is the right solution”

“The Human Landing System program needs to have competition now instead of later. – “that’s the best solution for NASA and the best solution for our country.”

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Spokesperson Monica Witt says the agency is “currently reviewing details of the case,” that Blue Origin submitted.

“as soon as possible, the agency will provide an update on the way forward for returning to the Moon as quickly and as safely as possible under Artemis.” She said.

Dismissing any signs it would affect drastically the timeframe of SpaceX’s contract. NASA decision to pick SpaceX as the sole contractor for its Artemis program is a result of low funding.

NASA’s human spaceflight chief Kathy Lueders also in a statement said,

“After accounting for a contract award to SpaceX, the amount of remaining available funding is so insubstantial that, in my opinion. “NASA cannot reasonably ask Blue Origin to lower its price for” its own proposal.

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Continuing, “I do not have enough funding to even attempt to negotiate a price from Blue Origin that could potentially enable a contract award.” She said.

Blue Origin continues to fight for a share of the ARrtemkis program. It recently went to the point of publishing an infographic insisting that SpaceX is not safe for Space travel.



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