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Virgin Galactic Commercial Space Ticket Sales Reopens, Starts At $450k

Virgin Galactic reopens its Commercial Space Flight Ticket, it Starts at $450k Per Seat. Billionaire Richard Branson is on the quest to expand its space tourism business with the new reopenings.

Virgin Galactic: Inside Richard Branson's $600m space mission | British GQ | British GQ

Its SpaceShipTwo spaceplane will continue its commercial space flight, with a starting price of $450,000. This is an increase from the $250,000 for a seat some time ago.

Virgin Galactic’s chief executive officer Michael Colglazier said in a release,

“Leveraging the surge in consumer interest following the Unity 22 flight, we are excited to announce the reopening of sales effective today, beginning with our Spacefarer community.”

“As we endeavor to bring the wonder of space to a broad global population, we are delighted to open the door to an entirely new industry and consumer experience.”

Virgin Galactic’s next passenger flight “Unity 23” happens in late September. This will happen from Spaceport America in New Mexico, a revenue-generating flight with the Italian Airforce.

Virgin Galactic interior cabin

The Space company will be giving priority to earlier customers who paid the former $250,000 price.

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“Sales will initially open to the Company’s significant list of early hand-raisers, prioritizing the Spacefarer Community, who, as promised, will be given first opportunity to reserve their place in space,” the company said.

For the new ticket sales, the company has three consumer offerings: I) a single seat ii) a multi-seat couples/friends/family package, and iii) a full-flight buy-out.

Currently, the SpaceShipTwo craft can carry four passengers. The company had a successful commercial flight last month.

Virgin Galactic is at the forefront of commercial Space travel. They have the United States FAA (Federal Aviation Administration’s) approval to fly customers on its Spaceship Two rocket plane.


Virgin Galactic SpaceShip III

As many as 600 customers have put down as much as $250,000 for its suborbital spaceflight reservation; according to a report by


Virgin Galactic: Each spaceport is $1 billion annual revenue opportunity

The Spaceship took off around 11:25 eastern time after a 90 minutes delay due to strong winds and came back at 11:39 eastern time.

Virgin Galactic is now on course to create the “world’s first commercial spaceline”, its successful flight is just the beginning.



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