SpaceX To Acquire Satellite Startup Swarm Technologies To Grow Starlink

SpaceX To Acquire Satellite Startup Swarm Technologies To Grow Starlink

SpaceX Starlink is looking to acquire satellite startup Swarm Technologies. This is an almost done deal that requires just the Federal Communications Commission approval.

Swarm Technologies

Swarm Technologies had on August 6th filed with the FCC requesting approval to shift ownership of its satellite and antenna licenses to Elon Musk SpaceX. if approved, Swarm’s estimated 30 employees and 120 tiny satellites would be under SpaceX.

The satellite startup would then be an owned subsidiary of SpaceX, which definitely help to grow the parent company’s satellite launching business.

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Swarm Technologies is a small satellite startup with an ambition to reach global affordable connectivity. This is by providing low-cost, two-way global satellite connectivity for IoT devices.

Perfectly, in line with Starlink’s vision of providing global cheap data connectivity even in remote areas. Both companies are looking to disrupt the data connectivity space by offering cheaper plans with blazing internet speeds.

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In the FCC filing, Swarm Technologies said:

SpaceX Taps Google Data Centers to Supply Low-Latency Internet to Starlink | PCMag

The acquisition will strengthen “the combined companies’ ability to provide innovative satellite services that reach unserved and underserved parts of the world,”

“SpaceX will similarly benefit from access to the intellectual property and expertise developed by the Swarm team, as well as from adding this resourceful and effective team to SpaceX.”

In order to grow massively, Elon Musk announced that Starlink had signed partnerships with two “major country telcos.” The CEO’s recent tweet confirmed Starlink now has 69,420 active users. Acquiring Swarm Technologies is another step ahead to grow Starlink.



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