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See Nokia 2660 Flip specs and price

Nokia launches a retro flip phone, see specs and price

Nokia 2660 Flip is a feature phone from the long-time phone company, and it is nothing like the cutting-edge foldable smartphones from Samsung and others.

However, if you are one for nostalgic-inspired purchases, you can surely roll back the years with this phone. It also brings the clamshell design of the early 2000s and some low-range specs.

According to GSMArena, the Nokia 2660 Flip uses a Unisoc T107 SoC that gives it 48MB RAM and memory storage of 128MB. However, it supports an external memory card. The phone’s display size measures 2.8 inches and offers a resolution of 240×320 pixels. Also, it has a second external display of 1.77 inches which shows the time, date, and basic notifications, so you don’t have to flip the phone open every time.

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Of course, its rear camera is not for the kind of pictures you are used to, as it is a 0.3MP shooter and has no selfie cam. Although, there is a LED flash that could serve as a torch light. There is a 3.5mm earphone jack, and it charges via a micro USB port and wireless cradle port as well.

The battery is 1450mAh, which can last quite long given the phone’s minor capabilities. It is available in China, Europe, Canada, France, India, the UK, and more.

The Nokia 2660 Flip costs between $66 to $82, depending on where you are buying it. Is this a phone you will be looking to own?

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