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Bluetooth connection problems and five easy fixes

Quick fixes for Bluetooth connection problems

Bluetooth connection problems can hinder your device experience and really mess up your style. Here, I highlight some common issues you may encounter while trying to connect a device to your phone’s Bluetooth and how to fix them.

The days of wired headsets are long gone with buds, pods and other earpiece gadgets dominating the space. Of course, I don’t need to explain the ease they bring and why people prefer them.

However, you may find yourself struggling to connect a device to your phone via Bluetooth for the following reasons:

1. An active connected device

Sometimes, you may have trouble connecting your phone to a Bluetooth device because the phone is connected to another active device. Also, sometimes, the Bluetooth device itself may be receiving audio from another phone. What to do is check the active Bluetooth device on your phone. Then, ensure that no phone is connected to your device as well.

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2. Reset the Bluetooth device

If your Bluetooth device has been on for too long, it may disconnect from your phone and reconnecting may be difficult. What you can do is turn the device off and then on again. You can also do the same thing for your phone’s Bluetooth.

3. Buy up-to-date Bluetooth devices

While the Bluetooth technology does get upgrades as frequently as possible, very old devices might struggle to connect with your phone. You can research what the Bluetooth version your device is equipped and check it is compatible with your phone. If it isn’t, it may be time to buy a new one.

4. Update your phone

Updating your smartphone is important for a couple of reasons, and Bluetooth connection problems are some of them. If the device has issues that the manufacturer needs to fix, it will come via an update. And without updating your smartphone, the problem might persist. So, update your device as soon as a new stable version is available.

5. Check for range and interference

How far you are from the device can also cause Bluetooth connection problems as well as barriers between both devices. So, ensure you are not too far from the device you are trying to connect to and that there is not thick barrier between them.

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