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5 key ways to optimise battery usage on Android phones

Here are five easy ways you can improve your battery performance on your Android phone and get more out of it.

Your battery life may not be what it used to be when you initially bought your phone. That is normal, batteries eventually degrade over time, that is why it is necessary to know how to get the best out of them for as long as possible.

1. Turn on dark mode

The latest Android versions (from 10 and newer) come with dark mode which is more than aesthetically pleasing. Dark mode consumes lesser power because they don’t require much lighting.

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2. Turn on auto brightness

For people who spend more time indoors, it makes sense to use auto brightness. Your phone will use less battery when the brightness is kept at a minimum. Also, it will not require you to manually turn up the brightness every time you step outside, which will not need using up some more battery time.

3. Optimise your battery

You can optimise your battery usage as well to ensure that you are getting the best. This setting is especially important when you are away from your charger for some time. You can go to Settings > Battery & performance > Fix battery usage issues or go to Settings > Device care > Optimize battery.

4. Put apps to sleep

Apps running in your phone’s background are draining the battery because they are still able to send notifications. To stop this from happening, you can go to Settings > Device > Select Battery > App power management, then turn on the Put unused apps to sleep option.

5. Third-party battery optimising apps

There are third-party apps that make it easier and more effective to manage your battery. Of course, not all these apps are trust-worthy, so, be careful which one you choose.

When things get desperate, you can turn on battery saver-mode and even put your phone on airplane mode.

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