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No one wants iPhone SE and Apple is cutting down production plans

Apple planned to ship between 25 and 30 million iPhone SE in 2022, but the phone maker is cutting down on production because people are not buying it.

With iPhone 11, 12, 13, and their variants still very much on the market, it appears that no one cares about Apple’s budget smartphone. Although, The Verge cites other reasons for Apple cutting down production.

Regardless, Nikkei Asia said that Apple would be making 20 percent less iPhone SE than it planned to make in 2022. Meanwhile, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo pegged the number at about 10 million devices less!

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The smartphone is not much of a hot commodity, and its pricing is no longer as enticing as it used to be. And when compared with payment plans at retail stores, many iPhone lovers would just decide to pay slightly higher for the 11 or 12.

In addition, Apple may also have eyes on the fact that the Russia-Ukraine conflict could continue for longer and cause inflation which may even make the company take the price higher for the devices.

The underwhelming demand may also pose a threat to the future of standard edition iPhones. However, it is important to note that iPhone SE 2020 was the 8th highest selling smartphone of 2021, which is not a bad performance in a market where many claim not to want it.

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