Apple Plans To Update The Iphone SE With Its New A15 Processor And 5G

Apple Plans To Update The Iphone SE With Its New A15 Processor And 5G


Apple might be refreshing its iPhone SE with 5G next year, fully updated with its A15 processors. This is according to a report by Nikkei. All iPhones released next year will be 5G compatible.


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The report also claims there won’t be an updated version of the iPhone 12 Mini, due to its poor sales this year. One of Nikkei’s sources mentioned “It is pretty much decided that there won’t be a Mini next year, and there will be a relatively cost-effective version of the largest iPhone Pro Max instead.


That means there might be a low-priced Big iPhone to be released next year.


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So essentially the New iPhone SE 5G will be a replica of the current iPhone SE 2020 with an updated A15 processor and Qualcomm 5G chip. Apple plans on retaining the 4.7 LCD screen and touch ID.

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Also, Apple will be updating its Airpods. The company plans on using the Airpods pro existing design but without ANC.


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Production of this year’s new iPhones will begin in August, just in time before the official launch in September. Nikkei’s source says Apple could produce as many as 95 million iPhone units between the production date and the end of January. Bringing total iPhone production to 230 million, including both new and existing models, increasing 11% from last year.


We are curious how Apple will price the new iPhone SE, the SE 2020 model cost $399 at launch. How fast will the new A15 processors be and will they actually come with 5G at a low price?



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