You are currently viewing TikTok is testing ‘Watch History’ feature to show videos you’ve seen
TikTok is bringing longer videos despite shorter videos working like magic

TikTok is testing ‘Watch History’ feature to show videos you’ve seen

TikTok is working on a Watch History feature that shows you videos you have seen, according to reports.

Ever wanted to show someone a TikTok video and your TL refreshes accidentally? Just like that, you are left hanging there, scrolling and scrolling to no effect. The platform is working on a feature that will help end this absurdity.

Twitter user Hammod Oh tweeted about the coming TikTok Watch History feature, and given his reputation and the fact that social media consultant Matt Navarra retweeted it, the feature is likely coming.

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TikTok has not confirmed the news, and there are no additional details apart from the screenshot above indicating that the feature will be an option under the Content and Activity settings.

Liking a video is one of the ways TikTok users ensure that they can access a video they have watched, and another is to save the video. Your liked videos appear in a section of your profile while your saved video goes to your device storage.

However, both methods are not convenient because you may not want to like a video or even forget to like or save it before watching. After all, the spontaneity of scrolling through several videos is what makes the app fun.

Certainly, I am not the only one that can’t wait for TikTok Watch History to make life easier. Of course, I hope it comes with an option of clearing it as well.

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