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NFVCB Moves To Ban Smoking In Nollywood Films

The National Film and Video Censors Board (NFVCB) has made a move to enforce a law banning smoking in movies.

NFVCB says tobacco brands are through films, also creating awareness for their products

Adedayo Thomas, NFVCB’s executive director, during an entertainment industry stakeholders’ roundtable in Lagos, on Saturday, December 11 presented a communique on the issue.

The discus of the roundtable was on the  National Tobacco Control Act 2015 and the National Tobacco Control Regulations 2019 in Lagos. They considered the law as it relates to the entertainment industry.

Thomas during his presentation expressed worry about the growing influence of tobacco on Nigerian youth. He also linked the increased usage of tobacco to Nigerian films

“Stakeholders observed that smoking in movies and the entertainment sector is a pathway to young people embracing smoking,” he said.

The tobacco industry uses a sophisticated marketing mix to promote smoking on set and in the entertainment sector.”

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“Entertainment stakeholders are deliberately targeted by the tobacco industry either through financial inducement, misinformation, and other subtle approaches to further the glamorise smoking in the entertainment sector.”

He further cited the NTC Act 2015 and the NTC Regulations 2019 in relation to the ban on tobacco advertising, promotion, and sponsorships. According to him, tobacco brands are through films also creating awareness for their products.

Thomas said the body will work with key industry key holders to clamp down on films with smoking scenes. He also suggested that these films be put under different a category for better identification.

The meeting was attended by public health tobacco control experts, movie producers, scriptwriters, distributors, and exhibitors. Young actors and actresses were also in attendance.


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