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New Pixel Smartphones Already Has Launcher Bugs That Hide Apps Icons

Pixel smartphones have reportedly been hit by a bug that makes app icons invisible.


Pixel smartphones stormed the market with hyped specs and features that got mouths watering. The latest is the Pixel 4 XL and people are tripping over each other to get their hands on it.


However, those who have actually gotten their hands on the smartphone discovered a fault in the launcher. This was a relatively fast discovery.


According to a 9to5Google report, the bug is making icons of apps vanish from the phones. It seems that it only affects Pixel devices on Android 10 with the December 2019 security patch. It is disappointing that this new high-end device is already showing faults, and we hope it will be fixed soon.


The report further explains that the bug affects the Pixel launcher and makes it impossible to see icons of apps. In place of the colourful icons that allow easy recognition, is a boring blank space with the name of the app. Then, the wallpaper takes over the background of the display.

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But  the apps can still be opened. All users need to do is tap on the name of the app and they get access. Despite this, when trying to use apps in the favorites tray it is more difficult to access.


This is because, in the favorites tray, apps do not have labels or name tags. So, without prior knowledge of this fault, users may think all their apps were deleted. The article further states that it affects Pixel 2, Pixel 3 and Pixel 4 smartphones.


Pixel smartphones bug app icon
Google Pixel smartphones. Photo: PC World.


Most times, it happens to recently used apps. The bug makes icons of recently used Pixel smartphones’ apps disappear.


Although, Google has not said anything about this bug nor even acknowledged it. Android Authority gives quick fixing suggestions that require resetting home screen launcher.


To do this first, go to Settings then Apps & notification and open App info. Next, tap on Pixel Launcher and then Storage, tap on Clear data. The issue should be resolved but if not, users may have to wait for Google’s solution.


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