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Netflix Increases Standard And Premium Pricing Plan For Its US Customers

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Netflix has announced that it is raising the pricing for its standard and premium plans for all US customers. The increase will see its standard plan now priced $14 a month, an increase of $1 a month from 2019. Meanwhile, the premium subscription will increase by $2 to $18 a month. The basic plan will remain at $9 a month.


New customers will immediately have to pay prices while current customers will be notified of the new subscription as it rolls out over the next few months.


“We understand people have more entertainment choices than ever and we’re committed to delivering an even better experience for our members. We’re updating our prices so that we can continue to offer more variety of TV shows and films,” a Netflix spokesperson said in a statement. The spokesperson added that Netflix offers “a range of plans so that people can pick a price that works best for their budget.”

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The company recently posted slowing growth in new subscriptions and lower-than-expected profits. This comes on the heels of a huge 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic causing people to stay at home.


Talking about the price increase, Greg Peters, Netflix’s chief operating officer, said, “The core model we have, and what we think really our responsibility and our job is, is to take the money that our members give us every month and invest that as judiciously and as smartly as we can.


“If we do that well… and make that efficiency and effectiveness better, we will deliver more value to our members, and we will occasionally go back and ask those members to pay a little bit more to keep that virtuous cycle of investment and value creation going.”


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