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Naira Marley Makes Immoral Allegations Against CSP Dolapo

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Naira Marley seems to be in the news for all the bad reasons of late. If he is not going for a court hearing, then he is on Twitter saying his mind. This time, Naira Marley is trending over something he said about a police officer, Dolapo.


A few days ago, the “Soapy” singer tweeted that a big b**ty is better than a Master’s degree. This tweet got Twitter on fire with fans giving diverse opinions on the issue.


Naira Marley Makes Immoral Allegations Against CSP Ope Dolapo
Naira Marley : Photo credit/@nairamarley


Chief Superintendent of Police Ope Dolapo, a former Lagos State Police PRO Officer, was quick to counter Naira’s tweet. She explained that having an educational or vocational qualification is non-negotiable.


CSP Ope Dolapo. Photo: Twitter / @opetodolapo


The last part of her post stated:

“My advice to younger ones: let no one confuse you. To have a good body part is great.. but to have educational or vocational qualifications is more important! In fact, it is non-negotiable! Your body part cannot give you sustainable existence only good educational or vocational qualifications will do. Be guided #saynotharddrugs #harddrugsdestroys.”


It must have been the hashtag that got to Naira Marley, making him go on Twitter to call out the police officer.


Naira Marley, in a tweet yesterday, insinuated that a certain Instagram police officer wants to have s*x with him.



Although he didn’t mention the name of the officer he referred to, social media followers believe he made reference to CSP Dolapo.


In May 2019 when Naira was arrested by officers of EFCC, she made a post on Instagram which she captioned, “Eleven!!! one down, more to go!”


As expected, followers on Instagram believed she was taking indirect shots at Naira Marley.


Already, social media is on fire with comments from a host of followers who believe that Naira will put himself in trouble one of these days over the tweets and videos he uploads.


Some are already saying that he will find himself in Prison anything soon since he has refused to lay low even with the money laundering case hovering over his head.

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