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Fans React To Naira Marley’s Tweet About Childless Marriages

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Top Nigerian musician Naira Marley is presently on Twitter a lot, lately. The musician, who recently celebrated the fourth birthday of his son, gave his two cents about marriage.


Naira Marley Tweets About Childless Marriages- Fans reacts


For Marley, couples who are married without children are living single. He tweeted, “If you like, do the biggest marriage; if you don’t have kids together, you’re still single.”



This tweet subsequently elicited diverse comment on Twitter.


For some fans, Naira Marley’s tweet was insensitive and disturbing, especially for couples fertility issues.




Another group of followers are of the opinion that Naira Marley is saying the truth. A particular Twitter user stated that, to him, a woman who is yet to bear a son is still single.




Naira Marley is one Nigerian artist who has moved from one controversy to the other. In May, he was arrested by officers of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) for matters relating to money laundering and fraud. The case is still in court presently.


Upon leaving prison, he released his song and dance step called “Soapy”, which went viral. Celebrity dancer Kaffy spoke against the song which she perceived as “immoral”.


Meanwhile, social media as a tool has given its users the opportunity to express themselves. And they have not failed to comment on the controversial song and Marley himself.


Should we say this is one of such moments when Naira Marley is expressing himself? Or did he go too far in tweeting about this sensitive topic?

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