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Motorola teases a 200MP camera smartphone

Motorola is working on a smartphone with 200MP capabilities according to a Weibo post by its parent company, Lenovo.

It is still too early to tell what the coming Motorola smartphone will look like but news about a possible 200MP camera phone is definitely a head turner.

The General Manager of Lenovo posted what seemed like a phone lens on his Weibo page along with a message aimed at customers and competitors, saying that the phone company was ‘entering a new era of mobile photography.’

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Of course, good smartphone camera is not judge by how large its megapixel ratings are. Instead, several other features and capabilities come into play to make a good phone camera. Depth sensor, ultra-wide range, performance in lowlight, and more are all vital features to judge a camera by.

With that said, an Android phone laying claims to a 200MP camera only points to the fact that it could be running Samsung’s ISOCELL HP1. This is a 2021-announced semiconductor that gives smartphones the ability to offer 200MP camera services.

If it turns out that this chip would be in the teased Motorola phone, then, their would be no need to worry about its performance in the photography sector. Some of the chip’s features include better detail captures, low light performance, 8K capabilities and more.

To get a clearer picture, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra had missed out on the 200MP camera but, its 108MP shooter has been impressing with its snaps.

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