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Microsoft removes undisclosed number of job openings

Microsoft is the latest company slowing down hiring as it cut an undisclosed number of job openings. According to a Bloomberg report, the software giant has joined the rest of the tech big firms in shoring up its financial defenses ahead of an economy shakeup.

Although Microsoft kept mute about how many jobs would not be available in its next hiring cycle, Gizmodo claims that the Azure cloud and security software divisions are among the affected departments.

Apple, Google, Github, Meta, Tesla, Uber, and other tech companies have already taken steps to relieve operational costs. So, Microsoft does not stand alone in making it harder for you to get a tech job.

In fact, some others like Coinbase have taken it a step further by rescinding job offers that it has made already. In contrast, Netflix has already had layoffs.

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Microsoft’s response to the news was that it was “making sure the right resources are aligned to the right opportunity” and that it will “continue to grow headcount in the year ahead.” This mirrors what Meta said about hiring only in positions where they don’t have existing staff to fill in.

Google had promised to honour any job offers it had already made before it announced slowing down hiring. 

While others are slowing down hiring, Amazon faces the opposite predicament: it is running out of people to hire. However, with the several negative reports about the working conditions there, it might not necessarily be good news for job seekers.

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