You are currently viewing FIFA 23 to includes women club teams [Watch video trailer]
FIFA 23 to includes women club teams [Watch video trailer]

FIFA 23 to includes women club teams [Watch video trailer]

FIFA 23 will include women club teams for the first time ever and will launch on September 30 for PC, Xbox, PS4, PS5, and Stadia.

The upcoming game is iconic for several reasons besides the inclusion of women club teams. It also marks the end of the decades-long partnership between game studio EA and football governing body FIFA.

The trailer video includes some incredible new play experiences and, uniquely, a female commentator as well. Watch below:

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Although EA first brought female avatars in 2016, when it added women’s national teams to FIFA 16, it has taken six long years to add their club counterparts. Additionally, the inclusion is not even complete, as The Verge reports that only two women’s league clubs were added: Women’s Super League and Women’s French Division 1.

“If you’re looking to play as some of the biggest clubs in the women’s game, like Bayern Munich, the Portland Thorns, or Champions League runners-up Barcelona, you’re out of luck,” the report read.

Of course, it is just a matter of time before we start to see more women’s club teams added to everyone’s favourite football game. However, by then, it would n longer bear the FIFA tag as the game makers have revealed that they would proceed from 2023 on with the name EA Sports FC.

Understandably, the new name is a mouthful and would take some getting used to, but the company had no choice but to adapt to the new realities. It seems that FIFA is trying to push out its own gamin franchise in the future, and that is why it severed its EA ties.

Regardless, my hands are itching to give FIFA 23 a spin and use a couple of the women’s club teams when it launches.

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