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UK heat wave: Google and Oracle servers breakdown

Google Cloud and Oracle servers in the UK reportedly broke down on Tuesday as they struggled with their cooling system due to the country’s heat wave.

According to reports, the UK temperature clocked 104 degrees Fahrenheit (40 degrees Celsius) that particular day, a record-breaking reading.

In a statement, Google said that its data centers in the UK suffered cooling-related failure causing ‘partial failure of capacity.’ It experienced virtual machine terminations and ‘a loss of machines for a small set of our customers.’ Also, they were forced to shut down some of the machines to prevent further damage.

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It posted the statement on its status page, which is similar to what Oracle also said. After shutting down briefly, Oracle claimed to be slowly turning machines back on, and its data centres were back to ‘workable levels.’

Although the companies did not mention which users were affected, we received an email from Postly yesterday, likely after its services were restored. And there are reports that the country’s infrastructures can’t handle the unusual heat, and things could get worse.

For example, The Verge reported that the heat melted the London Luton Airport runway and caused railways to bend and break, disrupting transportation. And this does not appear to be something that will go away soon, as climate change may mean that UK residents have to adjust to a new normal.

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