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Microsoft May Opt To Hold Inspire Partner Conference Online

Microsoft announced that it has canceled the Inspire partner conference as an in-person event but has not reached a decision on what alternative avenue to pursue.


This is not an unexpected announcement as every major event in the world that requires people to be physically present is getting canceled. Yet, the company only says that the conference will not hold as an ‘in-person event’ and not that it will not hold at all.


In a statement on Microsft’s website, it had said:


“The safety of our community is a top priority. In the light of health safety recommendations from public health authorities, we will not be holding Microsoft Inspire 2020 as an in-person event.”


Then it gave hope that people may still experience the conference in another way. Its statement further read:


“We are exploring alternative ways to bring our partner community together to connect and learn. Stay tuned for more details to come.” 

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It is therefore likely that it would opt to hold it online. However, this might be a cause of concern for many internet users. Recently, one reality we all have to deal with is that the internet could actually crash.


Many streaming platforms have been announcing that they are reducing video quality. Facebook seems to be the worst hit as it claims that it is experiencing server strain on services it does not make money from. Meanwhile, its money-making section, ads, is not doing well.


Microsoft had scheduled Inspire for 19th to 23rd July 2020 in Las Vegas. Yet, while July is four months away, it seems the software giant does not think participants will make it by that time.


The company had also shifted its Build developer conference to an online event. It is not alone as well. Google, Facebook and Amazon have also done the same thing about their upcoming events.


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