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Microsoft apps

Microsoft Apps Include Ads On Android Phones

A lot of Android phone users may have subscribed to more ads than they bargained for. This is especially if they use the Microsoft app on their phones.


It looks like Microsoft is sneaking some ads for its other apps in Android phone menus. Users discovered that some Microsoft mobile apps include some extra options to the menus when users open or share a file.


The icons pretty much show some Microsoft apps that aren’t actually on your phone. It was particularly noted upon further investigation on an app called Your Phone Companion. The app helps to sync Android and Windows devices.


Your Phone Companion Android phones ads


A user confirmed that when they tried to share a photo with the Your Phone Companion app, the share menu had an extra icon. The icon had the label, Microsoft OneDrive (Install). If a user taps the icon, it will then redirect the user to the Google Play Store so that they can download the app.


It was also gathered that a similar thing occurred while using a PowerPoint or Microsoft Word-installed app. The ad prompt, however, occurs in a way that is not very noticeable to most users as they don’t appear overly intrusive.


This is especially because most of the people using these Microsoft apps also have other apps installed. It does seem though that Android’s Android Q limits the ad effectiveness and eliminated the visibility of the ad.

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