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Microsoft Could Announce Bing + ChatGPT At Today’s Surprise Event

Summary: Microsoft announced a surprise event for February 7, shortly after Google unveiled its ChatGPT rival, Bard. The event is speculated to include the integration of OpenAI’s viral ChatGPT with Microsoft’s Bing search engine, but it could also involve other announcements.


Microsoft announced a surprise event for Tuesday, February 7, minutes after Google unveiled its ChatGPT rival, Bard. According to a report by The Verge, the company had sent invites the previous week but didn’t disclose the event to the public.


It is curious that Microsoft chose to announce the event just as news of Google Bard AI was making rounds. In fact, we know nothing about the event as the computer company, out of character, is not teasing anything.


Still, with the timing of the announcement, many believe that Microsoft could announce integrating the viral ChatGPT with its Bing search engine. However, it could include other revelations because the invite said that it will share some progress on few exciting projects.


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The event starts at 10AM PT/1PM ET/7PM (Nigerian time) but it is not yet clear if you will be able to follow it from the company’s social media feed.


With investments in the chatbot maker, including a recent $10 billion bet, Microsoft occupies the driver’s seat of the company’s decisions. Although, OpenAI has made it clear that it plans to pay back all the investments when it starts to make money and eventually be in charge of its own future.


Microsoft Could Announce Bing + ChatGPT At Today's Surprise Event
ChatGPT on mobile. Image Source: Search Engine Journal


Since uncovering the potential of ChatGPT as a search engine feature, analysts have been touting the integration with Bing. While Microsoft has held off for a while now, it has already bundled OpenAI’s products with its Azure AI services and recently, they are being used to power Microsoft Teams Premium.


Ironically, Google also has a Search and AI event scheduled for February 8, and we could see equally pace-shifting announcements.


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