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Five New Things Bing With ChatGPT Brings

Summary: Microsoft has announced a new Bing that is powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT. The new search engine offers better functionalities and improved web experience for users. 


Microsoft has officially announced Bing with ChatGPT, a bundle that we have been expecting for months now. The company’s announcement coming immediately its rivals, Google, announced its own Bard AI is not a coincidence.


Since the OpenAI chatbot went viral late last year, all eyes has been on Google because of its potential to challenge its search dominance. Now, coupling it with a search engine challenger, Bing, brings it nearly level in terms of offering. But, what does Bing with ChatGPT really offer?


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Five New Things Bing With ChatGPT Brings


New Bing chat tab screenshot
New Bing chat tab


1. Improved search: Google has managed to stay ahead in the search business because it is the most power engine in the world. However, with the power of ChatGPT AI, Bing can now provide better results when you search for something.


2. Answers: Coupled with the power of the internet, ChatGPT is able to break its bounds of limited knowledge to provide more complete answers. The new Bing will come with a sidebar to answer queries without you having to scroll through several results as we currently have.


3. Chat: Sometimes, you may need to search multiple terms until you get the result you want. With the bundling of Bing and ChatGPT, you can keep ‘asking’ in a chat format until you get the answer you want.


4. Get inspiration: You can get creative sparks with this new web feature as it does more than answer your question. This is where ChatGPT thrives as it has been known to help accomplish tasks that need creativity like writing emails, articles, or planning an event.


5. Introduces a new Edge: The Edge browser now comes with chat and compose functions, thanks to OpenAi’s chatbot. These features basically gives you access to ChatGPT without going directly through the app or website.


LinkedIn chat on the new Bing with ChatGPT screenshot
LinkedIn chat on the new Bing with ChatGPT


The benefits of Bing with ChatGPT will keep growing for users and now, unlike when you use the chatbot, if you access it through the search engine, you will get links that you can cite as sources or take actions as needed. It also offers the features of the chatbot in easy to use format.


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