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Meta rewrites privacy policy on data collection to reassure users

Meta is updating the former Facebook privacy policy on data collection in simpler language to reassure users that it won’t collect, share or sell their information.

Part of the max exodus from the platform in the past years has been its utter disregard for people’s privacy. On more than a couple of occasions, the company was caught with its hand in the jar of users’ information. And, it has paid and keeps paying for these discrepancies.

Meta wants to make it easier for users to understand its policies while clearly showing its latest products. The language is simpler and includes examples to clarify some sections of its new privacy policy.

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However, not everyone is satisfied with the policy. John Davisson, the senior counsel for the Electronic Privacy Information Center, told The Verge:

“…the promise that this policy won’t share data in new ways sounds good, but the problem is that Facebook already funnels user data at industrial scale into a vast targeted advertising ecosystem. So the status quo is not good for privacy.

“Even the clearest privacy policy isn’t a substitute for enforceable privacy rights or legal limits on data processing.”

The new policy covers Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and other Meta products, but excludes WhatsApp, Workplace, Messenger Kids, or Quest devices. Additionally, Meta is bringing Audience Controls on Facebook that change who sees your posts.

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