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Mercedes Benz EV charging at a hub in the US

Mercedes-Benz Is Aiming To Build 400 EV Charging Hubs In America

Mercedes-Benz is collaborating with renewable energy company MN8 and EV charging station infrastructure firm ChargePoint to build 400 charging hubs in the US.

The project is expected to cost at least $1 billion, which the German carmaker will split evenly with its partner, MN8. ChargePoint comes in as the company building the stations and providing the needed software.

They will commence construction in 2023 and each hub will contain several charging plugs, including the 2,500 DC fast charger. DC fast charging is capable of charging to 80% the electric vehicle’s battery in less than 20 minutes for most cars, according to an article by EV Safe Charge.

“This is for us a strategic decision to really put our money where our mouth is, and back up the direction that we’re already taking over the last few years, pivoting towards electric and putting the company in a position by the end of this decade to be able to serve markets with an all-electric lineup,” Mercedes-Benz CEO Ola Källenius said.

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Mercedes has been very vocal about its plans to transition to EV-only cars within the next ten years. Couple this with similar plans by other car manufacturers, it is clear that in the next couple of years EV charging hubs will become a major business.

The hubs will be situated in key cities and urban population centers, along major highway corridors and close to convenient retail and service destinations. Also, the plan is to welcome EVs from other manufacturers besides Mercedes with Mercedes owners only having the advantage of being able to reserve some stations.

In general, if EVs are to replace fuel vehicles, charging stations should become as common as gas stations. And with less risk of accidents like fire hazard, EV charging hubs should be relatively easy to build.

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