You are currently viewing Microsoft To Bundle ChatGPT With Bing To Compete With Google Search Dominance
Microsoft To Bundle ChatGPT With Bing

Microsoft To Bundle ChatGPT With Bing To Compete With Google Search Dominance

Google Search finally sees its place at the top of the food chain under threat as reports emerged that Microsoft is planning to bundle ChatGPT with its Bing search engine.

According to reports, the company will use the chatbot to answer queries on Bing and could launch the feature as early as the end of the first quarter (March).

If Microsoft succeeds in doing this, it could see more users switch to its search engine in search of more humanlike answers to their questions. Recall that already, Google allegedly declared code red because of ChatGPT’s performance and internet users preferring it.

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The chatbot brings more than just internet results as it can perform several writing tasks including essays, coding, poems, and so on. Its abilities will no doubt continue to grow with more users turning to it in 2023.

However, despite its usefulness, Google has held off from launching a rival version of ChatGPT. The company had cited reputational risk but could abandon that soon if Bing sees positive results from its experiment.

Microsoft office building.
Microsoft office building. Image Source: Wikipedia.

Microsoft is one of the major investors in ChatGPT’s creator, OpenAI, after it poured $1 billion into the artificial intelligence research firm in 2019.

We can’t wait to see how Google’s traffic is affected by ChatGPT and Bing’s collaboration. Although, the chatbot is not perfect and will need an update soon as its current database relies on info from 2021 and older.

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