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Twitter Lifts Ban On Political Ads

Twitter is lifting its ban on political ads after making the announcement on Tuesday. Although the company said it is doing so to ‘facilitate public conversation around important topics’, commenters believe that it is just trying to make money.

The social media outfit had banned political ads in 2019 after facing criticism for giving election misinformation free rein on its platform. Although, at the time, it had been the only one to take such action, we have seen TikTok also place a ban on election ads too since then. Meanwhile, others like Facebook and YouTube continue to allow ads.

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It is not yet clear how Twitter plans to prevent misinformation that will undoubtedly rise but the company has launched a community notes feature where other users can fact check tweets and provide context or corrections. If this measure will work is another ball game as placing labels on ads defeat their purpose.

Lifting the ban means that ads for other issues like climate change and census would also be allowed going forward. And, ads arguing against them as well.

Twitter CEO Elon Musk is clearly reaching for more ways to raise money to keep the company running as it seems that the $8/month subscription it placed on verification badges is not enough to keep the lights on. Also, he can no longer afford to sell any more Tesla shares as investors have made him promise.

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