Jabra Announces Its True Wireless Enhance Plus Hearing Aid Earbuds

Jabra Announces Its True Wireless Enhance Plus Hearing Aid Earbuds

Jabra has announced its Enhance Plus true wireless hearing aid earbuds, perfect for users with some form of hear loss. The company says it is aimed at people with “mild-to-moderate” hearing loss.

The simple-looking earbuds don’t look like the conventional hearing aids in the market. Jabra’s parent company GN Group has for a long time, developed hearing aid technology.

GN Group was founded over 150 years ago, with world-leading hearing expertise. Emphasising its more of a medical device than a premium earbud.

Are You ready to hear clearly again?

The enhanced plus design uses 4 dedicated microphones to reduce background noise and improve speech clarity.

Pricing for the Enhance Plus earbuds isn’t yet available, the earbuds are available in dark grey and Gold beige colours. Based on its feature, this device has low budget specifications and don’t fall under the mid-range category.

Jabra says the buds have 10 hours of listening, and 30 hours more together with the charging case. There’s no noise cancellation, but noise reduction exists through beamforming.

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Durability wise, the Enhance Plus buds are IP52 dust and water-resistant. Jabra has made available a companion app to adjust the earbuds settings. It can determine the fit of the earbuds.

Like most earbuds, the Enhance Plus earbuds have 3 listening modes. The Adaptive, Focus and surround Listen modes.

The Focus mode is perfect for users with hearing loss. It uses directional beamforming microphones to focus on sounds, one-on-one conversations. While the surround mode allows you to hear more of any surrounding ambient sound.

Jabra’s Enhance Plus earbuds will be available at the end of the year in the United States. It will be sold exclusively through licensed hearing care professional outlets.


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