Klipsch New Earbuds Uses Next Generation Head Gestures As Controls

Klipsch New Earbuds Uses Next Generation Head Gestures As Controls

Klipsch recently announced its Head gesture controlled earbuds, the Klipsch T5 11. These true wireless earbuds have active noise cancellation, and retail for $299.

Klipsch T5 11 wireless headset

Instead of hand gestures for controls, the Klipsch wireless earbuds raise the bar with head gestures. This is made possible with Bragi’s software.

Klipsch T5 11 Connect App

There’s a Connect app to access all of the head gestures, the Klipsch wireless earbuds use. For instance, when music is playing you can shake your head to skip to the next track. The earbuds mobile app is only available on Google’s play store.

A really nice way to respond to calls is to shake your head to reject the call or nod your head to accept it. These head gestures seem more intuitive or natural to use, at least to me.

The Klipsch T5 11 has a battery life of 20 hours when used with the charging case. The Active Noise Cancellation takes about five hours when on. When Active noise cancellation is turned off, the true wireless earbuds get about seven hours of playtime and 28 hours in total with the case.

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There is a limited edition Marque Mclaren earbud, and they cost a high $349. This limited edition earbud shares the same features as the regular head gesturing earbuds. But the difference lies in the finish and fast wireless charging capabilities.

Limited edotion Klipsch head gesture buds

Enclosed in a tire-tread pattern rubber s***p around the wireless charging pads, the McLaren Edition has dark peach-colored ear tips.

The wireless charging pad has a dual-position pad for both the earbuds and a phone. On the charging case, are real carbon fiber and shells that reflect the Mclaren F1 cars tires.

They also have a distinctive dual-position Qi charging mat and infused Nucurrent wireless charging technology.


The hefty price tag means these prominent features.

For substance resistance, they have IP67 dust and are waterproof so they can withstand some earthly elements.


Klipsch T5 11 head gesturing wireless earbuds


These earbuds also support AAC and SBC codecs. With a dynamic 5.8mm custom driver, its EQ is customizable using the Klipsch Connect App.

They support the latest Bluetooth 5.0 speeds, 340 mah battery charging case, and 3 years product warranty.



Head gesture wireless Klipsch earbuds


In the box are Klipsch T5 11, the wireless charging case, charging pad for the limited edition, and 6 different sizes of silicone ear tips.




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